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Let us take away the stress of your Annual Tax returns Submission

Tax returns submission deadlines are not be missed – The income tax returns are available annually after the end of each year of assessment for taxpayers and must be submitted to SARS each year. From the information submitted, SARS will issue an assessment showing either tax due or refundable, if applicable.


Personal Tax Services (Pty) Ltd provide a full range of tax services from making sure you are registered, receiving and completing forms correctly to submitting your tax returns on time.


Follow the steps below.

The process is easy:

Email your contact details to us or give us a call.

We will respond with the basic information required and a standard Power of Attorney for your signature required by SARS for us to act on your behalf.

We will confirm your tax status with SARS.

We will advise the requirements to prepare your income tax return or returns if not up to date.

Arrange a personal meeting (if required).

Submit your return and supporting documents.

Check your income tax assessment and raise a dispute on any incorrect assessments.

You will receive a copy of your income tax assessment from us for your records once finalised.

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